Six Geeks of Websites

WordPress Geek Building Packages

Designing a website is more than just creating a static site. It's an opportunity to tell your business story and communicate to your audience like never before. Our comprehensive website development package will include all of the essentials, like a beautiful design, responsive layout, social media integration, membership, ecommerce functionality, automation and more.

Using the six geeks of websites, we can provide you with strong foundations for your business website. Everything starts with a build and designs geeks starting at £997.

Geek 1: The Web Build Geek

Do you need a mobile friendly, attractive website allowing you to be seen by your clients 24/7?

It all starts here, utilising an off the shelf framework theme that comes with many starter sites we build out your website for you, installing security, contact forms and SEO plugins and helping you to get your content on to the site.

Geek 2: The Web Design Geek

Do you know want something bespoke, custom designed and different?

We can do that too, when coupled with the Web Build Geek we'll provide you with custom designs to choose from and work with you to create your vision.

Once the foundations are in place, the proper building can take place.
Ecommerce? Memberships? Courses? Automation? Copywriting?
A geek for every situation!

Geek 3

The Ecommerce Geek

Beyond being a basic brochure, websites are your shopping portal, open 24/7 and ready to accept orders.

Building out your store so you can add products and take payments with ease, integrating search engine optimsation plugins, coupons, offers and much more

Geek 4

The Membership Geek

Membership areas and educational content keep your site “sticky” paying customers will come back for fresh content (and upsells).

Online courses build trust in your expert knowledge, and membership sites build a recurring revenue stream into your business.

Geek 5

Automation / API Geek

Automation and integration are the things that make your (and your customers) life easier.

"Web plumbing" as I like to call it, makes things work seamlessly, connecting service and data.

Geek 6

The Copywriting Geek

We’ve all read boring content, or boring emails - but do you revisit them?
No! Of course you don’t!

Professionally written content is important, and can be the difference between 1 sale and 10 sales.

If you'd like to chat about a project please get in touch!