Laravel, Automation, Software as a Service
and "Can you ..."


Taking something you do manually and regularly, automating it so it happens automatically and the same decisions you would make are applied to the process is what give you time back, time to spend doing what you enjoy.


Laravel is our goto framework for building software that interacts with other services or people. For brochure websites we're likely to recommend WordPress, but for bigger things it will almost certainly be Laravel.

Software as a Service

If you're looking to build a product that solves a problem for lots of people, the subscription model is the way to go. I can help you plan and build this to give your subscribers exactly what they need.

This is how I like to work!

Can you....?

A lot of conversations I have with clients start with a "Can you ... " whether that be out for a walk, a run (yes I do running meetings), with a coffee, over Zoom or (unusually in Covid times) face to face!

Idea or Problem?

Both of these are equally applicable but without knowing what your problem is it's difficult to tell you whether I can help, so here are a few recent examples...

Below you will find some examples of some of the questions I get asked to look at..

My watch and phone battery will run out on an Ultra Marathon...

This one really spoke to me, particularly as I needed to track the runners so I could run the last 10 miles with them as support. I built a system where they could just hit a big red button in a browser on their phones, and it would track them against their route, plan their finish time and allow me to be in the right place at the right time!
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Can you... Access remote Raspberry Pi's in remote locations?

The brief for this was a little tricky, Raspberry Pi's are great little devices for all manner of computing tasks, but once you take them off WiFi and run them on solar with a 3G USB Modem you need to be clever about how you acccess them remotely and what you make them do!
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Can you... Help planning a charity ball instead of me getting hundreds of emails?

We were due to attend a charity ball, but the administration for organising several hundred attendees meals choices, dietary requirements and song choices can be overwhelming!

Sometimes no code is needed, a Google Form and Spreadsheet and some tinkering can make a huge difference to the time and data somebody has to deal with!

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If you'd like to chat about a project please get in touch!